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Contracting Requirements and Opportunities in Iowa



Iowa is one of the largest agricultural and livestock producing state in the USA. Iowa is famous for its historic sites, scenic trails, great outdoors, food, and culture. Iowa is the first stop for any poitical activity and is the key state in the MidWest.

Missouri and Mississippi rivers are on either side of the state and Iowa is rich in forests and natural resources. 35 percent of Iowa's energy consumed is generated from renewable energy sources such as Wind and Solar. Iowa is a hub for both agricultural and manufacturing innovations.

Iowa is one of the states with lowest property tax and affordable tuition fees for colleges. Immigrants and residents find Iowa as a greatest source for jobs and business.

Due to the vast amount of land available, construction and development has a huge scope for development in Iowa. Manufacturing, technology, and literature activities are encouraged in Iowa.

Small business incentives are given for Iowa residents. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is available for redeveloping Iowa. Iowa has seen huge growth in terms of incoming residents and investors.

The business friendly regulations by Iowa is an additional incentive for Iowans. All processes can be completed through the Internet and online resources. With revamped goals and opportunities, Iowa is a welcoming state for all.


IA Contracting types

Contracting is a normal way of conducting business in Iowa. For a given project, there may be a prime contractor and/or other sub contractors. Due to the ongoing developments and redevelopments, contractors are high in demand. Iowa Contracting is done mainly in four areas: residential, commercial, government, and construction contracting.


Residential contracts are for home improvement and new construction projects. Different services can be clubbed together to get best pricing. The large number of homes require contracting on a regular basis.


Commercial contracts are for new or improved apartments, businesses, stores, churches, or other buildings. Greater scope for contracting due to the large work involved.


Government contracts are for State of Iowa, Targeted Small Business Programs (TSB), and so on. The repair and remodeling of government buildings can be undertaken.


Construction contracts for the bridges, highways, and other structures are available for IA Contracting. The Department of Transportation (IA DOT) oversees the construction contracts.


IA Contracting has no mandatory requirements by the State of Iowa. Any individual can contract or subcontract for projects. However, Iowa encourages contractors to register and get licensed.

  • Construction contractors must register with Iowa Division of Labor and renew the registration as required.
  • Disabled, female, veteran, and other minority contractors must seek appropriate registrations.
  • Government contractors must register in the database and/or small business list.
  • Commercial contractors must get required licenses and registrations.
  • City permits are required in the city where the contract is being performed.
  • Documentation such as proof of ownership must be submitted.
  • Any additional tests and certifications in the product or specific service is recommended.
  • General contracting license will suffice for most projects such as general repairs or installations.
  • Specialized licensing may be required for electrical, solar, plumbing, roofing, HVAC and so on.
  • Passing background check is required for licesing and registration.
  • Proof of insurance, bonds, workers compensation, liability insurance, and so on are also mandatory.
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Contractors can sign up for automatic bidding notifications with the different sources. The emails contain necessary information and deadlines about the contract.

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